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Educational and Psychological Testing

Congruent Counseling is pleased to have joined with Integrative Counseling to provide educational and psychological testing in Columbia, Maryland. Integrative Counseling can tailor the educational and psychological testing to the needs of our clients.

Young adults in a classroom

Testing Options Include:

Psychoeducational Testing

Testing to determine if a learning disability is present. Sometimes, when a student has difficulty in school, there may be a learning deficit or disability. Many of these problems can be addressed or improved with special learning techniques or accommodations. In order to determine what is needed, a full psychological and educational battery of testing is needed. This testing requires 2 hours, plus 1 hour for an initial interview, and can be scheduled all in one day.

Testing for ADHD, Combination Learning Disability, ADHD

Testing to determine if attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is present. ADHD used to be called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) but is now called ADHD and has three different types. This testing includes many of the psychoeducational testing measures described above plus additional ADHD measures in order to determine the role of attention on a person's performance. Testing generally takes 4-5 hours, plus a clinical interview and should be scheduled in 2 separate testing sessions. One of these sessions must be in the morning (before noon) for optimal attention and performance.

Testing for Diagnostic Clarification of Treatment Purposes

Testing to determine accurate psychological diagnoses. This testing includes personality testing. The test battery includes an intelligence test, projective and objective personalitymeasures and requires 4 hours of testing plus an initial interview. This can be scheduled in one or two days, depending on client preference.

Testing for Foster Parent Readiness

Testing to determine a family's appropriateness for foster parenting. The test battery includes psychological, personality, and parenting assessment measures. Testing requires 3 hours plus 1 hour of clinical interview and can be scheduled in one day.

Clinical Interview Alone

Session to discuss testing options and needs. If the client pursues testing, this fee will be deducted from the total fee required.

All test fees include interview, testing, materials cost, report, and feedback session. Feedback sessions can be conducted in person or by phone. All testing services must be paid in full prior to testing or consultation. We do not accept insurance for testing services but we will provide a statement of services. Check with your insurance plan; some insurance companies do reimburse clients for out of network services.

All Testing Services are completed by:

Portrait of Giovanni ScottDr. Giovanni Scott, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As a psychologist, I enjoy helping people to improve their functioning. It is through a thorough assessment and individualized approach that I seek to understand a person's difficulties. To achieve that, I assess each patient in the context of his/her culture, faith and ethnicity. Additionally, I seek to help patients better understand their motivations and the impact of belief systems on their choices and behaviors.

My training includes extensive work with children as young as 5, adolescents, adults, couples and families. When working with children, parent/guardian consultations are essential, as they are partners in the healing of their children. It is the combined efforts of child, parent, teacher and psychologist that result in success.

I have developed competency in providing evaluations of psychoeducational, psychological, and emotional functioning. I provide comprehensive feedback and make recommendations that support optimizing your life and your performance. I can also avail myself for consultation.





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