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Congruent Counseling Outpatient Addiction Recovery Center

Addictions and Dual Diagnosis
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Adolescents -- Young Adult -- Adult

Our program addresses both mental health and substance use issues, at the same time utilizing group therapy, psychoeducation, individual therapy, family group sessions, and family counseling. This Intensive Outpatient Program is intended for individuals who have had serious family, social, legal, or school problems; who might not have succeeded in treatment previously; or who have a serious addiction. This is a structured treatment program, certified by the State of Maryland, offering treatment 3 days a week for 3 hours each day. The goal of this program is to help individuals with serious substance use problems and possible co-occurring mental health issues to accept what they need to do in order to succeed in life. This program is covered by most major insurances.

See our other services including outpatient and relapse prevention, adolescent and adult treatment as well as DUI/DWI treatment and education at Integrative Counseling Services.


Congruent Counseling Services (CCS) offers a substance use and dual diagnosis IOP for teens ages 13 to 19 with substance use and/or mental health issues. Offered in Columbia. Studies show:

  • Most programs address either mental health or substance use issues, neglecting half of most teens' issues. While many teens may not have a mental health diagnosis, all teens who abuse substances need to look at their social lives, their self-image, and their purpose in life. We address these issues, and more, in treatment.
  • Only 30% of teens in treatment who currently meet criteria for abuse or dependence go on to have lifelong problems with substances; they may not be "addicts" yet.
  • Parent participation is very important. We need families to make changes to help their teens grow and change.

Woman looking pensive with man in background looking worriedYoung Adults

Congruent Counseling has developed a treatment model appropriate for those young adults, ages 17 to 26, who may not wish to attend standard treatment models or who have not been able to succeed at other treatment programs. Families and parents are strongly encouraged to attend our family program. Offered in Columbia.

  • Many of these young adults are living with or are supported by their parents - our program encourages parental involvement. We help parents help their children to succeed while not enabling inappropriate behaviors.
  • We work with young adults where they are and help them to get sober while forming plans for the future creating a "direction in life".


CCS offers programs for adults with addiction and/or dual diagnosis. We offer the opportunity to focus on mental health and family needs while clients get "clean" and learn new life styles without the use of substances. Programs are in Columbia, Millersville, and Eldersburg.

  • About 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol or drugs, yet many of them feel isolated and helpless to change. We help to make change possible and lasting.
  • Over 65% of substance addicted clients also have depression or some other mental health issue.
  • 50% of clients with mental health issues also self-medicated or abuse substances.

Traditional addiction treatment often does not address mental health or family concerns. Mental health treatment often ignores addictive or abuse issues. Congruent Counseling seeks to address multiple issues at once – a whole person approach. Outpatient and Relapse Prevention programs are also offered at all locations by Integrative Counseling, LLC.

Services in Columbia, Eldersburg, and Millersville -- Most insurances accepted!


Congruent Counseling has partnered with Integrative Counseling to offer services to those that need Substance Abuse treatment or who have been dually diagnosed with Mental Health and Substance Abuse education or treatment needs. Integrative Counseling is conveniently located at the same Columbia location as Congruent Counseling. In addition, Integrative Counseling also has other Maryland locations in Eldersburg/Eldersburg, and Hanover. If you need any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and let us know how we may be of service to you!

Integrative Counseling - Substance abuse care for adults and teens



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