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Marriage/Couples Counseling Group

Couple shouting at each otherHow's your relationship; your marriage? Does it need a check-up or is it on life-support? Are your needs unmet? Is the relationship not what it once was or what you hoped it would be?

If your marriage is struggling you may find yourself asking 'How do we stay together and find more joy and fulfillment?' You might also be asking 'Should we stay together? Is there hope?'

If you think that your relationship could benefit from some professional support, please consider enrolling in Marriage - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. This is a 5-week couple's group therapy seminar to improve communication, connection, intimacy, and understanding in your relationship. Couples seeking additional help may choose to be placed with a therapist for individual couples counseling upon completion of the group.

This group will address:

  • Feelings of disconnection and misunderstanding
  • Loss of intimacy and affection
  • Communication skills
  • Trust, Appreciation, and cooperation
  • Preventative medicine and maintenance

Portrait of Lori SimmonsThis group is run by

Lori Simmons, LCMFT
Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist

Lori practices therapy focusing on mindful awareness and living in the present; fully and peacefully experiencing life. As a result, clients enjoy symptom reduction and improvement in functioning. This therapy emphasizes values, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, living in the present moment and accessing a transcendent sense of self. This practice can often help people who have been unsuccessful with therapy in the past, have had a return of symptoms after repeated therapy or may feel reluctant to engage in the therapeutic process.

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based therapy, can be effective with a wide range of clinical conditions. ACT assumes that the psychological processes of a 'normal' human mind are often destructive and create suffering. A non-judgmental atmosphere is provided, where treatment is focused on the unique needs of each client to help promote healing, change, and growth.




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