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The Chalice/Face Illusion

It is no accident that we chose the Chalice and Face Illusion as the symbol of Congruent Counseling. We know that people most often feel healthy and happy when their direction in life is headed toward where they want to be. The identical faces looking back at each other represent a person's motivations and behaviors – if they match, a person is likely to be happy and feel fulfilled. The symbol of the chalice represents prosperity and good fortune, as in a toast with good friends during a happy occasion. We hope all our clients achieve feelings of prosperity, pride, and satisfaction as might be felt at such an event.


Congruent accepts a broad range of insurances. Each therapist is licensed in the State of Maryland and is individually credentialed with most insurance companies. Call us to find out who is in your network. Please click on the "Our Counselors"
link to read about all of the Counselors at Congruent that are here to help you and the areas that they specialize in.

Groups and Workshops

The following are the Groups Services that Congruent currently offers. If you should have any questions or need more information in regards to the Groups and Workshops, please Contact Us and let us know how we may be of service! If you have an idea of a group that you would like to attend and we currently do not offer it, please feel free to let us know! Thank you!

Teen Mental Health Group

Congruent Counseling Services (CCS) offers group for teens with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Social Phobias, or other mental health concerns. Many teens with emotional difficulties feel isolated and unsure of themselves in social settings. Working in a group allows teens to not only get feedback from peers but also to try out newly learned skills in a safe environment. It has long been our belief that kids will listen to other kids better then they will listen to some old stodgy therapist. This group allows the teens to express themselves in a moderated format.

Young girl rolling her eyes at parentsGroup sessions will include family groups on a regular basis. Teens may also attend individual or family counseling as needed. We find this type of group is the perfect augmentation to individual sessions.

This group will be covered by all major insurances. Teens with substance use or abuse issues will be referred to Integrative Counseling's outpatient treatment program.

Teen Girls Group

This group is a process group for teens suffering from low self esteem, family issues, social issues, depression, or anxiety. Many teen with emotional difficulties feel isolated or unsure of themselves in social settings. Working in a group allows teens to not only get feedback from peers but also to try out newly learned skills in a safe environment free from judgment. In general, teen will listen to other kids better than they will listen to parents, teachers, or therapists. Working with girls in a supportive environment helps them find healthy appropriate ways to live and interact.

Teens that are actively using drugs, are suicidal or not stable in any way are not appropriate for this group. This group works best in conjunction with individual therapy. Girls can attend both group and individual therapy with Congruent Counseling. Groups are offered every other Saturday from 3:45 to 5:00 pm. Most major insurances are accepted.

Young Adult Group

Group of young people.One of the most difficult times in life is the transition from child to adult. Older teens and young adults in their early twenties are expected to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives: Will I go to college? Can I get in to the college I want? Go to Trade School or directly into a job? I'd love to move out on my own (or I have to move out because I refuse to follow my parents' limits) but I can't afford it, etc. Pair these life decisions with the stresses of life and self esteem and many young adults become discouraged or stuck. Some may have a history of depression and anxiety that contributes to these concerns.

The Young Adult Group is intended to help these budding adults negotiate these decisions while addressing any mental health concerns. Every year, particularly around finals and mid terms, we get calls! Some young adults may also be seen individually in addition to these groups.

Our location — walking distance from the mall or the Howard County Community College — is ideal for young adults.

Substance Use or Abuse and Dual Diagnosis Groups
for Teens or Adults

Congruent Counseling has paired with Integrative Counseling to serve clients with substance use issues. Clients may see an individual therapist with Congruent Counseling while attending groups at Integrative Counseling.

You can see the full list of Intergrative services, or learn more about Congruent's Substance Abuse services.

Separate groups are offered for teens and adults. We address substance use and dependence problems, legal issues, DUI/DWI concerns, and school referrals. We work closelywith schools, probation officers and lawyers to help you manage your concerns while you are getting healthy.

Young man leaning against a wallDual Diagnosis Teen Intensive Outpatient Program

Congruent Counseling Services (CCS) offers a dual diagnosis IOP for teens with mental health and substance use issues. We have found over the years that most programs address either mental health or substance use issues; neglecting half of most teens issues. Studies show:

    • Over 65% of substance addicted clients also have depression or some other mental health issue.
    • 50% of clients with mental health issues also self medicate or abuse substances.
    • Only 30% of teens in treatment who currently meet criteria for abuse or dependence go onto have life long problems with substances.
    • This means 70% are not addicts!

Yet traditional addiction treatment often does not address mental health concerns. Mental health treatment often ignores addiction or substance abuse issues. Both options treat only half the client's needs. Congruent Counseling seeks to address multiple issues at once – a whole person approach.

We address both mental and substance related issues at the same time utilizing group therapy, psychoeducation, individual therapy, family group sessions, and family counseling. This Intensive Outpatient Program is intended for teens who have had serious family, social, legal, or school problems; who might not have succeeded in treatment previously; or who have a serious addiction. This is a structured treatment program, certified by the State of Maryland, offering treatment three days a week for three hours each day. The goal of this program is to help teens with serious substance use problems and possible co-occurring mental health issues to accept what they need to do in order to succeed in life.

Congruent accepts a broad range of insurances and is State of Maryland Certified to provide this Intensive Outpatient Program. The facility is credentialed with most insurance companies. Please call your insurance or Congruent Counseling to determine if we are in network.

Addictions and Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program for Young Adults age 19 to 26

Congruent Counseling has developed a treatment model appropriate for those young adults who may not wish to attend standard treatment models or who have not been able to succeed at other treatment programs. We are credentialed with most major insurance companies. We welcome working with other providers or programs.

Many of these young adults are parental dependent or codependent with parents. Our program will require parental involvement with the goal of helping parents to not enable.

Many young adults in treatment do not have jobs and have far too much free time. We require 12 step attendance, work, exercise/recreation and counseling.

  • Over 65% of substance addicted clients also have depression or some other mental health issue. This statistic holds true for young adults who often have less ability to deal with their issues. All clients will be expected to work with an individual therapist. We are happy to work with therapists outside our office.
  • 50% of clients with mental health issues also self medicate or abuse substances.
  • Psychiatrist on staff who can prescribe suboxone and other addiction treatment medications.
  • We accept most major insurances!

Traditional addiction treatment often does not address mental health or family concerns to a level needed for younger adults. Mental health treatment often ignores addictive or abuse issues. Congruent Counseling seeks to address multiple issues at once – a whole person approach.

Other Groups

Congruent Counseling and Integrative Counseling strive to offer services that meet our clients' needs. From time to time we get requests for different groups to help a variety of clients. For example, some years ago a number of female
clients with a history of depression and difficult family concerns requested a support group. It just turns out that several different ladies had asked their individual therapist. Upon realizing the need, one of our female therapists started just such a group. Those clients benefited more and more quickly than individual therapy alone. After some time, those clients got better and moved on.

As group counseling can be vastly more effective than individual counseling alone, our therapists are happy to provide services that are needed!

Just let us know how we can help – if enough people are interested, we will start a group to meet that need.


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